E-Shop Development

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order management

Managing and tracking orders made through the online store is extremely easy. Every time a new order is made, the online store informs you with all the information you need to know (eg which products were purchased, where should be shipped, how the customer paid, etc.).

Then, you can keep the customers constantly informed about the stage of their order. It is as easy as it gets.

Dynamic functionalities

Every online store is different in the same concept that each business is different even if it sells the same products as another.

This means that beyond the basic functionality of an online store, Social Mind develops any additional need to match the company’s philosophy, the way it imagines the service to its customers, the specificities that its products may have or its mode of operation.

Indicatively, we can add functionality to the users such as wishlist, product comparison, favourite products and more or business functionalities such as interfacing with the company’s ERP system, personalized statistics, and more.

Are you in need of an eCommerce store; There is no need to wait!

Frequently asked questions

Χρειάζεστε περισσότερες πληροφορίες ή διευκρινήσεις;


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what else do I need for my eCommerce store?

Apart from the eshop, you will need hosting on a server and a domain name (the address that someone types to find your e-shop). Social Mind offers both (but this is optional).


what if I need more functionalities in the future?

Using WooCommerce to build the eshop allows us to constantly add new features! Therefore, we can add at any time what is needed without affecting or interrupting the store.


can we do whatever we want with the design of the eshop?

From a technical point of view, we can do anything you need or imagine! In addition, when designing an eshop, we are always there to guide you both in design and functionality in order to get the most out of it.


is there any guarantee?

Definitely! Social Mind provides you with a 3 months warranty after eshop delivery to correct any bug that mat be found for free.


can I change the content in the future?

Of course! The eshop will be dynamic and its content may change at any time.


will I have access to the eshop's files and database?

Of Course! The online stores we create belong to you! Therefore, all its files and the database that it uses are yours and you can always do whatever you like (eg transfer them to another server).


I think that WooCommerce is not for me! Is there any other option?

There are a lot of options! It is better to discuss your custom needs before we recommend you the best solution.

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