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p style=”text-align: center;”>If no package satisfies your needs or if you are not sure which package is best for you, contact us. Prices are excluding vat.


All hosting packages include:

Back ups

We take daily automatic backups for a period of a month, stored in a different location (in an other country).


We offer free DV SSL as well as the possibility to upgrade it to a OV or EV certification.


There is the possibility for free CDN using CloudFlare.

Package Isolation

All hosting account are isolated so malfunctions on a website do not affect yours!

Auto Scale

You can upgrade or downgrade your package at any moment without affecting the website’s functionality.


We support HTTP/2 protocol for even better speed and stronger data encryption.

Website Optimization

We offer tools to improve website’s speed, such as LiteSpeed, Object Caching and more.

Domain Names, DNS Zone

We can manage your domain names along with the DNS Zone settings.

Malware protection

Monthly automated malware scanning which detects malicious content or files in your package.

Server Support

In all packages we provide support related to server issues such as problems related to emails, if the website does not load or add records to the DNS Zone.

Secure hosting and back ups

Back ups

We keep daily backups for one month on another server. So, at any time, we can find an older version of the website if something goes wrong! Backups are kept for a month, after that period we keep one backup per month.

Managed Hosting

Managing hosting and all the necessary settings or problems that may arise is a matter of Social Mind. You do not have to worry about anything of this or have any technical knowledge.

Security and speed

The safety and speed of a website are two of the most important things in our day. In Social Mind we have the right tools to achieve this for your website.

Do you need hosting for your website? There is no need to wait!

Frequent questions

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What is SSL;

SSL Certificates provide secure, encrypted communication between the website and your visitor’s browser. SSL Certificates are commonly used on websites that handle sensitive data such as credit card details or user passwords.

What is CDN;

The goal of CDN systems is to serve the content of the website to the end user at high speeds. CDN technologies serve a great deal of Internet content today in terms of web objects (text, graphics and code files), objects to upload (images, videos, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals) and more.

If I run out of space?

If your website needs more resources, you can automatically switch to a higher hosting package without this transition being perceived by your visitors and without interrupting the operation of your website.

If I need more email addresses?

Each package provides a certain number of email addresses with a specific maximum capacity per address. If you need more addresses, we suggest linking your email to Outlook365 (Microsoft) or GSuite (Google). We can help you access such a service.


How can you optimize my website?

With its event-driven architecture, LiteSpeed Web Server manages the CPU and memory (RAM) more efficiently than the usual Server. This, along with other LiteSpeed Server upgrades including better PHP performance, allows us to optimize the performance of your web pages.

What does it mean that my website is isolated?

Each site is separate from the rest on our servers. In this way, there is no chance that a problematic webpage will “transfer” a problematic file to another. Also, malicious access to the files of a web page can not lead to access to the files of another web page.

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP / 2 technology is a major upgrading of the older HTTP protocol used. It is designed to provide faster speed, stronger encryption of data and reduced network latencies.

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