She comes from the consulting industry. She began her professional career in 2003, in a major corporate communications company in Athens, where she worked as Account Executive and then as Office Manager. She then worked as Communication Marketing Manager at a major industrial company in Northern Greece and as a Communication Manager at HR in Thessaloniki.

In 2016, she joined Social Mind as Project Manager, aiming to provide integrated digital marketing and communication services, along with the rest of the team. She is currently responsible for strategy and online advertising of Social Media Accounts, as well as Mobile Loyalty Application communication.

She has been a radio producer on a web radio and blogger.


Bachelor degree in Public Relations and Communication and MA in Media and Communication at the University of Indianapolis, Athens Campus.

Special Skills:

Design and implementation of corporate communication strategies, reputation management, branding, social media strategy, online advertising, issues management, content marketing, non-branded content marketing, writing (writing corporate documents, press releases, letters, articles etc.), event management.

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