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Social Mind is a fresh and flexible 360o new media agency, which with “the know how” of its executives, original concepts and consistency has managed to be trusted by a quite large and remarkable client list. In total of around 300 companies have entrusted their online communication and image to us. From these, more than 120 were development projects.

Commercial sectors: Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, Retail, Organizations, Healthcare, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Beauty and others.


At Social Mind all our services are provided in-house. By combining digital communication channels and new technologies with creativity, imagination and originality, we can offer to our client comprehensive services across the entire spectrum of digital communication. For reference, you can see some of our services below.

Web Development

Web Design and Development
Online Store Design and Development
Design and Development of Mobile Applications
Hosting and Support of Websites and E-Shop

Online Marketing

Social Media Content
Social Media Advertising
Google Ads
Graphic Design Services

Web Development

Web Consultants

At Social Mind we build websites that speak for your customer and e-shops that sell! How? The process starts much earlier than the implementation of the website or e-shop.

At Social Mind we are there to provide both guidance on strategy and design, as well as the best technical solutions and technologies that will deliver results for your client. We have set up our entire process with this in our mind, which guarantees us the ideal final result.


We support our projects

The work around a website does not end with its implementation! Social Mind is always by its clients’ side, providing excellent support services that ensure:

  • constant updating and security
  • immediate guidance on its use
  • the enrichment with new functionalities
  • its continuous optimization.


WordPress & WooCommerce

All our websites and online stores are designed with Open Source software, WordPress and WooCommerce respectively, and give us a multitude of advantages, such as:

  • very large support
  • Flexibility in design, changes in appearance (without having to reimplement the whole project)
  • easy management even by people who do not have programming knowledge or great familiarity with computers
  • continuous maintenance, troubleshooting and adding new features.

A website or an online store is the image of a company on the internet. Together we will create your client’s online presence in a way that gets results for their goals!

Mobile και Loyalty Apps

At Social Mind we have extensive experience in mobile app development. More specifically, we handle:

  • The design of mobile applications with unique design
  • The applications are implemented for mobile devices with Android or iOS operating system
  • We implement instant notification systems (puh notification)
  • We develop custom functionalities that meet the needs of each company.

Nowadays, taking into account the competition that exists, every company has to plan actions that will differentiate it… With that in mind, we have created an integrated customer loyalty program.

The Loyalty Program that we have designed and developed, is an integrated loyal customer reward program that consists of the online management suite and the mobile application.


online advertising

Social Media Advertising

  • Concept creation
  • Creation of graphic design
  • Audience targeting based on the company’s audience
  • Creation, monitoring and continuous optimization of the campaign

Campaign Types:

  • Dynamic Ads via Product Catalogue
  • Increasing followers
  • Increase of website visits
  • Increase in sales (for eshop)
  • Increase of visits to the shop (for eshop) Increase of visits to the website (for sales)
  • Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn platforms.


Google Ads

  • Communication strategy & actions to achieve specific goals.
  • Campaign creation, monitoring and optimization

Campaign Types

  • Search campaign
  • Display campaign (banner ads shown to a targeted audience)
  • Remarketing Campaign (audience re-engagement)
  • Product Campaign (dynamic ads within a product catalogue)
  • Video Campaign

In each campaign we undertake:

  • Setting priorities to manage your budget
  • Creating appropriate graphics
  • Comprehensive keywords research to reach potential customers
  • Create targeted audiences
  • Campaign Report
Social Mind is a Google Partner.

Why Social Mind?

Social Mind consists of a single and flexible team which includes:

  • individuals with years of experience in online advertising and online tools
  • people with knowledge of how to connect online tools with each other.
  • graphic designers

We are here to discuss with you and implement services across the entire spectrum of digital communication.

Does your client have specific needs?

Contact us and we will prepare a personalized offer and a presentation to convince you!
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